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in SW ChinaE▓lephant doctor rescues giants in SW ChinaElephant doctor re▓scues giants in SW China05-28-2018 19:49 BJTKUNMING▓ -

- Bao Mingwei treats "patients" more than 30 times h▓is own size.Bao, 39, is a veterinarian

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ghs▓ more than 2,000 kg."Most elephants in need of hel▓p are reported by local villagers, and professional rescu▓ers rush to the scene immediately."Some elephants were injured in fights or falls from mountai

ns, and some ▓were abandoned by their herd due to congenital diseas▓es such as heart problems," Bao said.According to Bao, wild ▓elephants are intelligent. They leave sick herd members near villages on purpose, counting on humans to save the▓m."Jud

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ging from their injuries and the situations on the ground, we deploy different rescue teams of about 60 people, sometimes even with a crane and a helicopter


," he added."In remote areas, we even have to pave the way to transport the animals," he said.According to Bao, the worst situation is rescuing at n

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